Jeff Glode Wise

    • Creation of Thought
    • A welded bronze cage contains a floating wand of carved wood and shells counterbalanced with a natural stone
    • Gravity of Clouds
    • A balanced arm of forged & patinated bronze with painted wood forms and natural stone floats above a carved concrete base
    • Lunar Cycle #1
    • Chrome plated and patinated bronze, stained oak
    • Standing to Taurus
    • Carved and bleached oak with stainless steel and stained concrete base
    • Streaming Obelisk
    • Gold plate over forged bronze, blackened oak and cast concrete base

Artist Statement

My sculpture has a strongly asian aesthetic, rooted in balance, with great respect for materials and their inherent textures. I try to elude the grasp of gravity, allowing rocks to float and metal to flow like water. From there I interpret visual gestures found in nature and astronomy such as swirling galaxies and the rhythmic movement of birds and fish. There are also references to the human figure and spirit. My figurative work, which is done in marble and cast bronze depict people transformed by circumstance, altered by contact with life beyond themselves. I use cast and carved concrete with blackened wood as my earthbound elements, while forged bronze provides fluid motion. The materials however are just the tools I use to help me achieve my ultimate goal, which is the transformation of motion into emotion, seeking not a reaction but rather an interaction.