• Union and Embrace
    • Mixed Media
    • 96" x 144"
    • Arousal in Red
    • Mixed Media
    • 63" x 100"
    • Presentism (philosophy of time)
    • Mixed Media
    • 96" x 144"
    • Type A
    • Mixed Media
    • 63" x 100"
    • Sensual Organic Pleasure
    • Mixed Media
    • 63" x 100"
    • Everything in the World is Connected
    • Mixed Media
    • 60" x 72"
    • Carnival
    • Mixed Media
    • 63" x 108"
    • Primal
    • Mixed Media
    • 24" x 74"
    • Early Industrialism
    • Mixed Media
    • 24" x 77"
    • Primitivism II
    • Mixed Media
    • 24" x 80"
    • Primitive In Nature 1
    • Mixed Media
    • 24" x 78.5"
    • Raw Marks (blue)
    • Mixed Media
    • 60" x 12"
    • The Creel
    • Mixed Media
    • 60" x 48"

Artist Statement

I look at art as a much bigger and exciting concept than that which relies on possessing a pleasant visual identity. A picture that merely stands on the limitations of something easy-on-the-eye. For me painting has been a tool to explore what I do not yet know.

The act of making art [process] is setup for those who have a deep desire to be challenged and bring to light important questions.

Identifying intelligent problems that can only be quenched visually, through a cogent body of work. I feel by taking this visual approach seriously, I’m able to articulate and express clearer than my words can ever say. My interest in unexpected (visual) relationships from an abstract point of view, expresses a common universal dialogue that crosses social and racial boundaries. Exhibiting both intuitive responsiveness and an element of contrivance delivers an understanding toward the importance of serious practice and critique in a historical context. This communication through thoughtful interpretation and expression seems critical to me. In addition, accepting that which can challenge everything you know is an important idea in the search for meaning. Merely declaring yourself as an artist isn’t enough. An honest examination of the work is determined by the sum of two things; that which you do not know, and that which you practice. I’m dedicated to a serious and rigorous practice of observation that has the ability to make the art relevant in any arena.

Artist Bio

His 20-year repertoire expresses a singular uninterrupted brush stroke of Mediterranean, European and Western influences. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art form, Michael’s work epitomizes avant-garde. Those who experience Michael’s work often discover an ethereal essence captured that defies explanation. From his early years of surrealistic impressionism until now, Michael’s work reflects an improvisational inventiveness that has garnered a loyal following among the art elite. His artistic conviction that “direct expressionism is the most meaningful reflection of life,” has prompted the evolution of an extremely cogent and intriguing portfolio of 21st century art.

In 1999 Michael was the youngest artist ever to win Best Of Show at Denver’s nationally renowned Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The Vance Kirkland Museum acquires a work of his as part of their permanent collection. Michael’s well-received public art installation, commissioned by The City of Denver, hangs permanently in Denver’s District 2 Police Station. The Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art selected Michael to be included in the museum’s Rocky Mountain Biennial. Michael has recently exhibited in Denver, Aspen, Telluride and France.

As a  disciplined and dedicated artist, Michael has managed many ventures in his young art career. Recently he and business partner Aliki McCain both co-found the ArtHaus Gallery, which was a 5,100 sq ft flex-space and gallery that also housed work studio’s between the two owners. Situated in Denver’s rising RiNo art district, they opening it’s doors in 2012. The gallery finally closed it’s doors at the end of 2014, and was put on hiatus until the two gallerists’  find another suitable space. Past exhibits and info can still be found at www.arthausdenver.com.

Since the beginning of 2015 Michael has been working in his new studio at the Blue Silo building at 4701 National Western Dr. Michael has now been focusing all his energy solely on his exhibiting career, gaining an international presence. Receiving recognition in major galleries and institutions worldwide. Michael had been exhibiting his work throughout the United States and most recently in France, where he received a residency through La Napoule Art Foundation given out only once a year.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Michael studied drawing and painting as a young artist at the Art Students League of Denver. He would later attended Pratt Institute in New York right after graduating high school. Early on he focused his discipline on classical drawing and painting fundamentals, later emphasizing his studies in abstract concepts in conceptual art. At the same time, while still in New York, Michael further developed his passion for design and contemporary art by taking courses to deepen his knowledge and become more well-rounded in his own artistic philosophy.



Selected Exhibitions

2014 – Carte Blanche / Group-collaboration /  Arthaus gallery, Denver CO.

2014 – Chateau de La Napoule /“Do you see what I see”/ International La Napoule, France.

2013 – Raw Marks / Solo Exhibit, ArtHaus, Denver CO

2013 – Art Students League / 20th Anniversary, Invitational. Denver CO

2012 – Before France / Solo Exhibit, ArtHaus Gallery. Denver CO

2012 – Taxi Gallery Exhibit: “Do you see what I see”. Denver CO

2011 – Vance Kirkland Museum / Permanent Collection, Denver CO

2010 – Solo Exhibit, Platte-Forum, Denver CO.

2010 –  Solo Exhibit, ART & SOUL Gallery, Boulder, CO

2010 – Collaboration, Ice Cube Gallery. Denver

2009 – Solo Exhibit, The Mitchell Gallery, Aspen, CO

2009 – Solo Exhibit, Flour Mill Gallery, Denver CO

2009 – Solo Exhibit, Spark Gallery, Denver CO

2009 – Solo Exhibit, The Aspen Gallery, Aspen, CO

2008 – FCMOCA: Museum / Rocky Mountain Biennial, Fort Collins CO

2008 – The Aspen Gallery / Solo Exhibit, Aspen, CO

2008 – Solo exhibit /  Spark Gallery, Denver CO

2007 – Telluride Exhibit, Invitational. Telluride, CO

2007 – Vail Exhibit, Invitational. Vail, CO

2007 – Exhibit / Featured Artist, Denver Polo Classic. Denver CO

2006 – Curtis Arts & Humanities, Greenwood village, CO

2005 – Cherry Creek Arts Festival – Invitational, Denver CO

2005 – Art Students League / Invitational. Denver CO

2004 – Museum: Foothills Art Center / Radiant Souls. Golden, CO

2003 – William Havu Gallery / Exhibit. Denver CO

2003 – Maclaren Markowitz Gallery / Exhibit. Boulder, CO

2002 – Rule Gallery, Invitational. Denver CO

2000 – Solo Exhibit. The Disciples, West Gallery, Denver CO

1999- Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Awarded Best of Show. Denver CO


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