• Urban Tapestry
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 54 x 54 inches
    • SOLD
    • Crimson Fields
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 48 x 48 inches
    • Citron
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 54 x 66 inches
    • Blue Oasis
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 42 x 60 inches
    • Echo
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 36 x 60 inches
    • Site Plan
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 36 x 66 inches
    • Site Survey
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 36 x 66 inches
    • Blue Totem
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 12 x 60 inches
    • Red Totem
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 12 x 60 inches
    • Yellow Totem
    • Mixed Media on Panel
    • 12 x 60 inches

Artist Statement

“With every piece decisions are made intuitively. Not every decision is right, so then begins the layering process of patching, repairing, and re-exposing, until it has been wrestled tired and has found resolution.  It is only now that I feel the work is complete and the result is a layered dialogue of lessons learnt, accidents, and desires freed.” 

Artist Bio

Contemporary mixed media artist, Nick Young, was born in Ottawa and now resides in Toronto, Canada.  He holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto and practiced professionally for 10 years.  In 2009, Nick became a full-time artist and his work has now been exhibited in galleries across Canada, published in architectural and design magazines, and acquired by corporate and private collectors across the globe.

His architectural background and the urban landscape strongly influence his style.  Working in plan, section, and elevation, each painting is an abstraction and exploration of new spaces through the fundamentals of composition, texture, and colour.  Relying on intuition, rather than preconceived images, each painting is a result of layers upon layers of quick gestures.  This palimpsest approach of adding, deleting, and leaving traces of layers past, gives a strong sense of memory and atmosphere to each piece.  Most importantly, Nick’s objective through his art  is  to achieve a heightened contemplative emotional response.

Like a city’s fabric, structural and organic forms merge, and boundaries become blurred, in an attempt to create a visual poetry.

“I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music” (Joan Miro).



  • 2002 Bachelor of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design, University of Toronto

Canadian Millennium Scholarship

UTAP Scholarship

Thesis Honors

  • 1995  Honors Commerce Degree, Year One, University of Ottawa

Selected Exhibitions


  • 2018  PROCESS: THE ARTIST’S JOURNEY, Space Gallery, Denver
  • 2016  RAW BEAUTY, Gallery 133, Toronto
  • 2015  ART HAMPTONS, The Original Fine Art Fair of the Hamptons, New York
  • 2015  HAPPENING, Gallery 133, Toronto
  • 2015  LIFE IS COLOURFUL, Art Show and Fundraiser is Support of CAMH, Toronto
  • 2015  THE ARTIST PROJECT, Toronto
  • 2014  COLOUR OF THE CITY, Jane Roos Gallery, Toronto
  • 2014  EXHIBITION OF SMALLS, Koyman Galleries, Ottawa
  • 2014  ART YARD, Toronto
  • 2013  CITY FABRICS, Koyman Galleries, Ottawa
  • 2013  TORONTO ART EXPO, Toronto
  • 2012  QUEEN WEST ART CRAWL, Toronto
  • 2012  EXHIBITION OF SMALLS, Koyman Galleries, Ottawa
  • 2011  SELECTED ARTISTS EXHIBITION, Terence Robert Gallery, Ottawa