• Summer Vibes
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 60"x 60"
    • Sandstone Twisting Skyward
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 30"x430"
    • Tectonic Shifting of Dry Oceans
    • 40"x40"
    • Switching Terrain
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 30"x30"
    • Aspen Symphonic Flow I
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 48"x48"
    • Aspen Symphonic Flow III
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 48"x 48"
    • Aspen Chroma Shift II
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 15"x15"
    • Aspen Chroma Shift I
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 48"x48"
    • Aspen Chroma Shift 3
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 15"x15"
    • Light Bounce in the Utah Basin
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 40"x40"
    • Canyon Currents
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 30"x60"
    • Red Rocks
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 48"x48"
    • White Water Canyon
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 60"x60"
    • Dunefield
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 60"x60"
    • Flatirons
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 30"x60"
    • Garden of the Gods
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 30"x30"
    • Inclusions
    • Acrylic on Panel
    • 48"x48"

Artist Statement

I seek out geologically interesting landscapes. It might be a specific rock formation, mountain range or natural wonder. I conceptualize a collection of work by relating the action of painting to the geological process of erosion and formation. The materials I use are themselves mixed with natural minerals such as marble, mica and iron oxide, cementing the narrative connection of the works to their subject. Seasons and dramatic weather in my mountainous Colorado surroundings also affect my creative directions. I seem to get hooked on a color palette for a while and work with it until organically shifting to another area of the spectrum.
Each painting is the final product of an extensive method that begins with sketches and photographs of landscapes I have visited on my walks. These visuals are translated into collages using paper that I have designed using an experimental process of my own making. The collages are then further developed into highly stylized paintings, which are created by applying acrylic paint to large wood panels. Each panel is sanded and treated to achieve a satin sheen, which highlights the multiplicity of textures, layers and spatial depths.
I am fascinated by the environmental factors that shape the natural world, and seek to imitate their destructive and constructive qualities in an artistic technique. I experiment with solvents, paints, carving implements and sanding tools to mimic the kinetic processes of erosion and deposition, as well as the physical forces of wind, water and temperature. By applying paint in this way, I am creating a history of gestures and actions that form into naturalistic abstracted landscapes with painted geological textures.The work lies at the boundaries of abstraction and realism, modernism and minimalism. The paintings are often described as “Dreamy”as they evoke sensations of fantasy or partial reality. I intended the imagery to be at once familiar, but to carry an air of play and human curiosity about the natural world as if your discovering a place for the first time.

Artist Bio

b: 1973 Manchester, England

B.A. 1994 William Patterson University, NJ
(Writing/Earth Science/Studio Arts)

Selected Exhibitions


Gallery MAR

RH Contemporary Art


2016 FORMATIONS, Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO

2015 SOLAR HARVEST, Helikon Studios, Denver, CO

2012 SELECTIONS, Urban Hardwoods, San Francisco, CA

2011 GOLDEN CONTOURS, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, CA

2007 SURFACING, Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Cbispo, CA


Abstracted Landscape: Four World Views, Space Gallery, Denver, CO
New Works, RH Modern, Denver, CO

Forces & Perceptions, Curated by M. Webb/B.O’Conner. Thoreau Center for Sustainability, San Francisco, CA


Abstract: A Change in Perspective: Curated by R.Ray, Red Dot Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Collage Sessions and Studio Selections, Curated by R.Ray, Red Dot Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Denizens III, Curated by C. Goldberg. Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO
EBOS, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
Collector Gallery, San Francisco Intl. Airport, CA
Collector Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Collector Gallery, Oakland, CA
HUEmanity, Fouladi Projects Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Small Works, Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA
Collage, Etc., Curated by R. Ray. Gallery 21Ten, Sacramento, CA
On Paper, Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA
Introductions, Gallerie CITI, Burlingame, CA
EBOS, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
Hunters Point, San Francisco, CA
Sketchbook Project: Travelling Exhibition:
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
iam8bit , Los Angeles, CA
Space Gallery, Portland, ME
Mass Collective, Atlanta, GA2011
Brooklyn Art Library Brooklyn, NY
Gallery 44 , Toronto, Canada
Big House Gallery Atlanta, GA
Studio 12 Gallery, Denver, CO
Shine, Berkeley Art Center, CA (2011)
Haub Gallery, Avila Beach, CA (2010)
Fiona Bleu Gallery, Morro Bay, CA (2010)
Firefly Gallery, Paso Robles, CA (2008-2010)
Cuesta College Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA (2006/07/08)
National Collage Society, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL (2007)
Arts Visalia, Visalia, CA (2007)
Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Cbispo, CA (2006)
Art Center, San Luis Obispo, CA (2005/06/07)
Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA (2005)
ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA (2005)
Compact Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA (2004)


Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas
Chevron HQ
Hilton West Palm Beach
Viceroy Snowmass
Hyatt Regency
Marriott Suites
San Francisco General Hospital
WigWam Resorts
Office of Dr. Lieberman
Office of the Secretary of Defense, Sr Exec. Intelligence Advisor.
American Campus Communities at University of Colorado Boulder
Connecticut Residence by Morris & Woodhouse Interiors
Justin Vineyards
Citra Solv LLC
Brooklyn Art Library


NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS #126 West (upcoming 10/2016)
FUBIZ Magazine
Gooood Magazine
Mountain Express Magazine
Alpine Modern Magazine

Fresh Paint Magazine
Art World News

KOLAJ Magazine, Canada