• Untitled 1
    • Mixed Media on Paper
    • 30" x 20"
    • Untitled 2
    • Mixed Media on Paper
    • 30" x 20"
    • Untitled 3
    • Mixed Media on Paper
    • 30" x 20"

Artist Statement

There are no rules in art.

This mantra is with me throughout my creative process.

The art that I produce with this in mind, depicts stripes, grids, circles as well as natural abstractions to convey a sense of history, memory, decay and struggle. My paintings are an effort to grasp pieces of the fleeting and unnoticed ephemeral world around us. I do not consider myself a stripe painter … or a grid painter … or a circle painter, but rather a sort of mutant minimal abstractionist who references these minimalist motifs in my art work.

Very poor eye site has blessed me with a view of the world that few people have. Blurred perspectives and surprising color relationships manifest my reality and I often lean on these experiences in my paintings. Lines and grids evolved from nothing when, as a child, I watched my father create beautiful hand drawn architectural renderings on paper. More grids literally surrounded me by the cherry farms and vineyards that wrapped the rolling hills of Northern Michigan where I grew up.

Looking at manipulated landscapes, architecture, backgrounds of photographs, fleeting television images, windowsills and interior transitions all contribute to my artistic exploration. I choose to allow room for them all and to be open to the next unexpected inspiration. We are surrounded by possible paintings every second of every day – it’s just a matter of seeing them.

There are no rules – just art – waiting to be discovered.

Selected Exhibitions

2010 “Focus.” Space Gallery Denver, Colorado

2009 “Interior Construct.” Space Gallery, Denver, Colorado

2000 “John, Scott & Bob Holdeman.” Lake Street Gallery. Glen Arbor, Michigan

2000 “New Work” Walnut Gallery. Denver, Colorado

1999 “Banded Discourses.” Rule Modern & Contemporary Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

1997 “New Memories, Systems and Structures.” Mackey Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

1996 “Recent Abstractions.” College Center Gallery. Maryland Institute, College of Art. Baltimore, Maryland.



1999 “Colorado Abstraction 1975-1999.” Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado

1998 “Colorado Wyoming Biennial” OneWest Art Center, Fort Collins, Colorado.

1997 “Primavera.” Mackey Gallery. Denver Colorado.

1996 “Graduating Painters.” Fox Gallery.

1995 “Drawing: The Figure.” Fox Gallery.